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By admin | November 28, 2007

We have been looking into some new carpet for the RV as we are nearing completion of the rebuild. In looking for our new carpet we came across a website that offers rugs for the home and I must say they are very interesting. I found that our home is lacking some style and grace and this could be the perfect thing that would set off the floors in our home. Heck there may even be a place for a nice area rug in the RV when we are done with the rebuild.

It was pretty easy to find some really nice rugs on SuperiorRugs.com. They have a huge selection of some of the nicest rugs that we have seen on the web. Easy to surf the site to. I see that some of the rugs that they offer are pretty amazing looking. I like all different styles of rugs and what they have listed on their site is just simply put .. amazing. I have found this site to be pretty interesting in giving us some great ideas for a little new decorating. Come January when we start making more money we are going to get the house dressed up again and set a new tone for our lives. Rugs in our home are pretty important to the look and feel. Living in a desert built home it is hard to get great style at a price you can afford. SuperoprRugs.com made that possible for us!

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By admin | November 13, 2007

When is the last time you got an autograph from your favorite baseball pitcher? I remember as a kid going to the Red Sox games and taking pictures of Oil Can Boyd in mid pitch. I never did get one of those pictures signed though. I would have loved to add that Signed Photo to my collection.

Last year we went to Hollywood for a five day vacation. That was quite a thrill. We saw so many famous people and got so many autographs. I never knew that there were so many famous people in one place at the same time. It was truly awe inspiring. We walked around the Boulevard for about two days before we actually saw anyone famous. I notice that they were setting up something near the Chinese Theater so we kept checking back there and sure enough there was some kind of film awards going on so we got to see tons of famous people and got a bunch of autographs from the ones that didn’t have their noses in the air.

If you are looking for your own memorabilia and don’t know where to get it I have provided you with a few links in this post. Take a look at the site that I linked you to. Browse around their site and take a look at their offers. If you find something you like, great, even if you find something that you think your friend or your family member will like .. let them know about the site as well.

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By admin | October 14, 2007

Lift your spirits. There are so many things going on with LTP that we are going nuts. I have been trying to upgrade the Directory to no avail. It seems that there is some sort of confusion in the files when they are over written. We backed it up so that we didn’t lose anyones submissions. I hope that this issue wil be resolved soon.

We are hoping that in the coming months that we can resolve these issues and get the LTP label out to the masses. If you are not familiar with LTP please read our blog and find out more about how you can get hooked up with people that want to have you write about their companies and help you to make a few extra bucks.

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Google is coming

By admin | September 23, 2007

A wonderful this is going to happen soon to the blogging world. There are going to be some serious changes when Google hits the scene in about a month or so. They are going to destroy the blogosphere as we know it. I can tell you without a doubt that all of these linking pages of blogs that everyone is using and all of the paid posts that are being shared on thousands of blogs is going to have a major effect on your Page Rank as well as your traffic rank with Alexa.

You will see blogs go from a PR of 5 to a PR of 2 over night. Everyone who is in this blogosphere and connected to thousands of other blogs is going to lose some serious juice. I honestly don’t know if it is too late already or if you can do something to prevent this change that is eminent. Google is coming … and they are going to rock your world.

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Day of Memories

By admin | September 11, 2007

Today is the day the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. I always every year still remember what happened that day. Even though I see that there are people that have forgotten or just don’t care to remember. I think of this day every year not as though it is a holiday or some kind of religious remembrance , but just as the day that we started this whole war. I don’t see too many people talking or mentioning this day. They pretty much are just going on with their lives as though they weren’t even there.

Just the one thought for today .. “I remember being in the arms room and my Sargent came to me to ask if I knew what was going on. I replied to him that I didn’t and that is when I found out that our country had been challenged.”

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How Blogging Grows

By admin | September 3, 2007

Recently there was an article written by a good friend of ours Julie about her trip to Bonnie Springs. This created a spark in another bloggers mind and brought back memories about his little adventure to Bonnie Springs. There were many similarities in their stories and Ernie from ErnsWorld.com wrote his own story about the adventure he had the last time they where in Bonnie Springs. The amazing thing is that the story that was inspired by Julie and her story about the animals gave Ernie something to write about and created memories that inspired him to write a story himself.

Blogging has a huge impact on the world of advertising. There are links being created everyday that take other websites to new heights. Creating great stories and links to other websites is what bloggers do. They are inspired by the writings of each other and then stories and links are created to begin the huge buzz that only blogging can create.

We urge everyone with a blog to seek out other bloggers and get inspired to write your own stories about the posts that get you thinking. Every blog has a comment section but we also encourage you to write your own stories. Share the experiences that you have that may relate to what you read on someone else’s blog. Link to them and they will link back to you. This is how linking the planet begins and ends. With the inspiration of others.

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Glass Blowing Blog

By admin | August 24, 2007

There is a glass blowing blog that has been set up very nicely. Whirled Glass is a blog that talks mainly about Old World Glass Blowing and New School Glass Sculpting. For those who don’t know what this is .. Glass Blowing started out probably way back in the First century BC in Roman Syria. Thats a long ass time ago. You can Read More about Glass Blowing History and find out for yourself how this ancient art evolved over the centuries.

Check out the Whirled Glass Blog and the Whirled Glass Directory where anyone can add their glass blowing and glass sculpting sites to the directory. Remember that linking in a directory is cool. Not to mention that it will increase your traffic and rank with the search engines. The blog sets up the premium content and if you are in the directory there is a good chance that you will be blogged about in the Whirled Glass Blog. Then you can get your very own rating.

Thats right … there is a rating system in the blog for the readers to talk about you and voice their opinions of your site or business without you know who they are. Haha .. they can comment on the posts also so you will get some love that way as well. If you are a great company then you are going to get high ratings in the blog … and you could earn yourself a free featured link in the directory.

Submit your site to the Whirled Glass Directory

Visit the Whirled Glass Blog

Visit the Whirled Glass Directory

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Read and Click

By admin | August 18, 2007

We posted a very nice post on our Las Vegas Business Site and we would like to get your input on the site that the links go to. Heres the catch .. theres always a catch right .. well this one is easy. We want you to go through our LV Business Post to get to the other site so we can track how many people check out our post.

The site that this particular post links to is totally worth all this effort. Not that it is a lot to do but it will help us out to figure how many of our readers are following what we say.

Check out the post and let us know what you think of the site that the post links lead to. You will be doing us a huge favor and if you ever need one in return let us know and we will announce it for you on all of our blog sites.

If you are into art you will love the site that the post links to. The site is full of really nicely created art that is your photography set into real life oil, charcoal and other canvas worthy portraits. You will not be disappointed at what you see on their site. We have our portrait coming and we want you to see how cool it is going to look before we get it in the house. That way when you come visit or come on the show in our studio you will get to sit in awe of our great portrait … hehe!

Thanks everyone who checks this out for us and don’t forget to click on the links that are in that post on LV Business.

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Even Bloggers Count Calories

By admin | August 11, 2007

Want to know how bloggers stay in shape? It’s not from sitting on our butts all day typing to our blogs. Posting doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories but it sure helps make for some great carpel tunnel syndrome. We blogger have found creative ways to keep in shape. We personally use a calorie counter to see how many calories we are taking in and how many we are burning with the exercises that we do every day.

We got a free calorie counter and we have been using it to keep track of the amount of calories in the food we eat as apposed to the amount of calories that we are burning during our exercise routine. We have come up with a pretty nice routine that seems to be shedding about four pounds a week for us. Any exercise routine that you do is going to help with the loss of those unwanted pounds but blogger unite and keep the weight down to a minimum …. we want everyone to keep blogging as long as you can.

Thanks to the internet we have been able to research and find many different and useful ways to keep in shape. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement from your friends and you will be well on your way to a whole new you. Just because we are geeks doesn’t mean we have to be fat geeks.

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Advertiser Blogging, Let the indexing begin

By admin | August 4, 2007

Finding advertisers that want to utilize blogging to create some great links into their site seems to be a very easy endeavor. There are plenty of websites that offer an organized platform where you can get a list of advertisers that want you to blog about their websites or their upcoming events. 

Bloggers that correctly maintain their blogs become a huge advertising medium for anyone looking for fast indexing and quick exposure. There are some things that one must understand about how the whole advertising on a blog works. One of them is having the ability to get your links indexed quickly means that a Search Engine is going to see that you are connected to a certain keyword or key phrase in a matter of minutes. 

One tool that is extremely helpful for this is the Google Alerts Tool. This tool allows you to receive an up to the minute update about key terms that you may be placing high or low on, and you can make a good assessment of what you will need to do to improve or maintain rankings. It does not get in depth about what you need to do to maintain rankings, however you do have a better understanding of when you are getting indexed and how often.

So how does a blog help an advertiser to get indexed quicker and more frequently?

When a blogger posts a new post on their site, they can place links within the site and those links are what are going to get indexed. When the blogger publishes their post, they are doing what is called Pinging other websites. Those websites in turn ping other websites when they are updated and the processes happens almost instantaneously. Pinging is just like it is defined. Like radar for bloggers. Publishing to a blog actually sends out a signal to hundreds and thousands of other sites letting them know that there has been an update made to the site.

This reaches the Search Engines in no time flat and the spiders are jet propelled to the blog to see what is going on there. On the overly updated blog they find that there is a sort of “press release” and that short story contains information that is relevant to and containing links to another site. The spiders hit the links and the relevant information, now they are in the advertisers site. Let the indexing begin.

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