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What do you think?

By admin | August 3, 2007

This is a general question for bloggers and advertisers alike.

Would you like to see the free blogs as sub-domains or set up like this …..

linktheplanet.com/somesitename ??

We believe that the use of sub-domains is much more effective and we would like to see that all of our bloggers who use the free blog offer from Link The Planet, still have the ability to advertise with sites like Pay Per Post and Smorty.

Understandably you don’t want to have 100 links coming from the same domain name, ie. linktheplanet.com/somesitename, this way it looks as though your relevant link is coming from linktheplanet.com and just from different pages of that site.

However when a Search Engine sees a domain name that is creates as another website, ie. somesitename.linktheplanet.com, then your links become relevant. Not to mention that the link is coming from not only the site name that is relevant to your site but also the trailing name …

ie. somesitename.linktheplanet.com/yourkeytermrelatedtoyoursite.

That is where the power of the popularity linking comes into play! The sub-domain setup IS like have another website and any posts within that site are considered to be incoming links to you from one website. Even if you are advertised on 100 somesitename.linktheplanet.com sites, you are gaining relevant links to your site from 100 separate sites and not from pages within a site.

Each sub-domain of linktheplanet.com is considered to be a separate website and not a page of the site. Just like blogs from WordPress.com if you have a sub-domain of a website linking to you .. you are golden. Yourself as an advertiser can create a free blog on WordPress or Link The Planet and start blogging today about your company and help to create your own buzz about your business.

Contact Us if you would like more information or keep reading the future posts.

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Free Blog

By admin | August 1, 2007

If you would like a free blog from Link The Planet we have made it very simple. There are a few steps that you can take to save us some time in setting up your new blog.

First go to the Link The Planet Free Blog Instructions for New Bloggers page. Pick out a template from Word Press so that you know which one we will install for you. You can find the name of the template easily by clicking on the picture of the template .. the name will be at the top above the image of the template.

The next step is to contact us with the information you want for your new blog. Go to the contact page for your free blog and fill out the information, agree to the TOS and send us the email. We will contact you shortly with your confirmation and you will be well on your way to blogging right along with us.

Easy …

  1. Pick a template
  2. Contact Us

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By admin | July 30, 2007

Blogging is a great deal of fun. With a blog you can easily and quickly talk about anything you want to and post it on your website. Blogging is really evolving at a fantastic pace and most blogging software is really becoming more of a content management system for sellers as well as bloggers.

If you can send an email you can post to a blog. What you write about is really up to you and you can post for others as well as yourself. Bloggers have a way now to make some money with the content that they write. We have created a few blogs just to get our information out as well as make a few dollars writing about advertisers that want to have a blog review of their products or services.

Blogging is not new by any means. There are blogs that are just as old and older than most of the websites around the internet. Those websites are making money selling their products and information .. why shouldn’t bloggers? With the rising number of companies forming to connect bloggers to advertisers we will see a huge increase in advertisers dollars being spent on bloggers rather than search marketing. Although blogging for advertisers can somewhat be considered search marketing.

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By admin | July 23, 2007

This may be a little premature but we want to do this and we are going to work on getting this working GREAT as fast as possible.

Are you using Blogger as your blog? Yeah they have great templates and whatnot .. well we would like to offer you another FREE BLOG.

Yes thats right FREE BLOG. If you currently have a blog .. why not have another one? The more you have the more you can advertise on right? And the more you can blog!!

We are offering a sub-domain blog FREE just for our bloggers. If you are already in the Directory then this is for you.

This is what you will get ….

  1. Your own site name … ie. yoursite.linktheplanet.com OR linktheplanet.com/yoursite
  2. Unlimited Traffic, until our bandwidth is reached and beyond
  3. We will install any template you want, you find it we install it. (Templates are provided by WordPress)
  4. A link on our home page to your blog. We will list them all .. no matter how many we get … you will be on the home page of LinkThePlanet.com
  5. All the latest Plug Ins including PodPress. Yes .. you will be able to podcast on your blog.
  6. Although we can not give you FTP access to the blog we are willing to make changes to the templates and sidebars for you, for a small designer fee payable through paypal
  7. .

If you would like your own blog on Link The Planet .. contact us by sending an email and we will respond with instructions on how you can get started. We only have one requirement for the FREE Blogs and that is one small like of Google ads on the site. We will install them so you don’t have to worry about the install. It will look like the 33 Chevy Masters Blog that we just installed.

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PodCast Creation

By admin | July 22, 2007

We did a podcast last night. Not your typical video podcast, just audio. We really like doing the audio ones better than the video … less getting ready and all spiffied up!!

In trying to set a few rules for podcasting, last night we broke I think all of them in the first minute or two.

When you are podcasting, audio, you never want to do the following:

Our Rules for PodCasting

  1. Never say F@$K a bunch of times … makes you sound ignorant!
  2. Never get wasted before podcasting, you tend to slur your words a bunch!
  3. No matter how many times you have to piss, don’t keep starting over, just pause!
  4. At the end of the day it’s all in good fun .. so have fun doing what you are doing.

So thats a list of things that I am going to add to as we make a bunch of mistakes. Someday we will be professional podcasters and all this will be something to look back on and we can say .. wow .. we did all that!

Check out the PodCasts for yourself.

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Another Step Forward

By admin | July 21, 2007

We have been working on Link The Planet diligently in the hope that we will be able to finish all of our huge changes before the next Search Engine Update. So far we have created this Blog, our Pod Cast site, the Main website that is actually a blog with a little twist on it, and the links directory where we have invited all of our fellow Bloggers to join us in making Link The Planet a giant over the next year. We also added recently a Forum for all of our Link The Planet Bloggers to go to and talk amongst themselves giving us a better perspective on how we should move forward with Link The Planet as a whole.

Everyone that has joined us in making the whole Link The Planet experience great, has really put in a lot of hard work. We are all getting the ball rolling on this project and expect to see great things in the near future with Link The Planet.

Some of the recent updates are the Forum ad an addition to the PodCast site. The next step for the site will be the implementation of video. Keep your eye on us as we are going to be doing big things in the near future.

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Link The Planet Almost 100%

By admin | July 12, 2007

We have finished the site and we are ready for people to sign up. Heh .. we created another blog at the home site Link The Planet.com and we are excited about the direction we are taking with the network of Link The Planet sites.

We have also created the Directory Links Page where bloggers can go and sign up for free. The site only has a PR of 2 right now, well the blog, but the Links Site we are very hopeful for gaining a huge jump in PR when the next election hits. Hehe …

We are still working on building the categories in the Link The Planet Forums so keep checking in there for updating information. If anyone wants to help out in there that would be great. Just let one of us know. There is a contact page somewhere in all this madness.

Also the Link The Planet PodCast site is done … on there we will be hosting the videos and audio podcasts for Link The Planet and you can have your own commercial in there if you please .. check out the About Page there for more information and huge savings while we are starting out.

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Kwik-E-Mart Henderson

By admin | July 9, 2007

In lieu of the upcoming movie The Simpsons on July 27th, they converted a 7-eleven in Henderson Nevada into a Kwik-E-Mart. We went there the other day and got some video footage, pictures and schwag.

Heres the Video ….

The store was full of people from all around looking to get their hands on some Simpsons Schwag. They are poring in from all over the tri-state area looking to get their piece of the Simpsons memorabilia.

We got there at about noon on Saturday and the place was packed. Not only for the regular shoppers but for the Simpsons Fanatics … they have Buzz Cola, Krustie O’s, Slurpie Cups, and those pink dough nuts that the cop eats all the time. We didn’t get any dough nuts but we got a few of everything else.

There are already auctions on eBay for the Simpson’s Schwag going for about $20 an item.

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Welcome To Link The Planet Blog

By admin | July 6, 2007

Welcome to Link The Planets Blog. This is our first post. We are glad to be blogging along with our Search Engine and Forum and PodCasting Blog we have our Company Blog.

We will be adding to this blog as the days progress and you will be able to find some current information about what is going on in Link The Planet.

We have created a number of helpful sites that are geared to help everyone who wants to be a part of the internet and all of its search features. We will be upgrading our Search Engine as time progresses and we will post about that here when the time comes. Also check out our Forum for Q & A and if you have any issues with the site or you just want to say hi.

Thanks for visiting … Have a great day.

LTP Staff

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